School Board Focused Training

  • Developing a Blueprint for Successful Governance
  • Strategies & Tools for Monitoring District Actions & Outcomes as a Board Member
  • Developing a Plan for School Board Effectiveness
  • Understanding District Data to Make Informed Decisions & Goal-Setting


Superintendent Focused Training

  • Key Tools for Building A Strong Board/Superintendent Relationship
  • Building an Effective Board/Superintendent Governance Team
  • Key Strategies to Establish Transparency & Trust Between the Superintendent & the Governance Team
  • Key Tools to Improve Effectiveness & Monitoring of District Initiatives

 Ty G Jones LLC 


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Consulting Services

School Board Trainings

Does your board meetings last longer than you would like? Do you feel that your meetings could be more efficient? Do you understand the budgeting process? Does your Board have operating procedures?

A board and superintendent team that works collaboratively to meet the needs of the students and the community is vital to the success of the students achieving the goals each has aligned for themselves. The experiences gained from serving as board president for five of the six years on the board, we have developed the following trainings:

Leadership & Content Trainings

Are your teachers and students performing at the level you expect?

The services listed below are designed to address the needs of districts, campuses & teachers to assist with knowledge retention by students and professional growth by teachers and administrators. 

Areas of focus are

  • Curriculum Design​
  • Data Analysis
  • Mathematics​ Instruction
  • Coaching
  • Program Evaluation
  • All trainings are customizable to meet the needs of your organization​


School Board Trustee - Lancaster Independent School District

Are you influencing the lives of the youth in your community?

An integral member of the Board of Trustees of Lancaster ISD, where the mission in collaboration with parents and the community is to ignite learning that translates into sustainable success for all students in an ever changing society. As a graduate of Texas Association of School Board's Leadership TASB, he has begun advocating and sharing insight with other board trustees nationwide. He has presented at Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Summer Leadership Institutes & Winter Governance, Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA/TASB) Convention, National School Board Association (NSBA) Annual Conference and regional conferences. He has advocated on behalf of public education with state and federal legislators. 

Lancaster Independent School District was named the 2016 Outstanding School Board on September 24, 2016 during the TASA/TASB Convention. Learn more. 2016 Outstanding School Board was presented with banners by Region 10 Executive Director Gordon Taylor at our September 26, 2016 board meeting. Lancaster Independent School District was named the 2016 School Board of the Year during the 2016 National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) Annual Conference in November 2016.

Say It Loud!! - Showcasing Public Education District by District

Does your community know how well you are impacting the lives of their students? 

An internet radio show which allows Independent School Districts the opportunity to showcase how they are impacting the lives of the students they serve. The show currently broadcast every other Thursday at 7:07pm on 

Independent school districts' superintendents, board presidents &/or administration team are encouraged to "Say It Loud!!" about their school district.